• Annie Yuen

Welcome to AnnieMoments

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

AnnieMoments captures any moments in my life. More blog posts about photography soon!

I like to experiment with different styles of photography in my daily life with my friends and family. It soon became my obsession to capture lights and vibrant colors in my photos. This influence in my artistry is probably due to my background as an immigrant from Hong Kong to Canada when I was 10 years old. I have many childhood memories of growing up around the dynamic and vibrant environment of Hong Kong with all the neon light signs and decorative lighting during Chinese New Year in the city. All the lights, colors, and festivals have given me a deep sense of longing to satisfy that inseparable bond with my hometown. I draw a huge amount of inspiration from lights and vibrant colors and this influence has allowed me to flourish as an artist.

My past work experiences have also led me to be involved with clients in various industries such as luxury fashion, beauty brands, tourism, tech and media. Utilizing my background in marketing I already know how to think deeply on what audiences truly want to see and leverage this with my creative side to create eye-catching artwork. I hope to inspire my audience to believe everything has a different perspective for beauty.