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Shooting with film after 10 years

It’s been over 10 years that I haven’t shoot in film. I used to only shoot with F3, but ever since it’s broken and I owned digital cameras, I never really pick up my film camera and take some pictures.

I borrowed my friend’s Leica M3. The whole body and lens are made out of metal, I love it that I felt it very solid and heavy. It’s like you’re holding a real mechanic on hand.

Me and my friend's Leica M3

When I wanted to shoot film, the first thing that came to my mind is 80s. The grain in film gave the old time feeling.

I always remembered that when I was little, my mom always asked my dad to hurry up when he was taking a photo because he always asked us to freeze our pose and smile while he was adjusting everything manually.

Since the Leica M3 needs to be manual in everything plus no meter, I need extra thinking before I even look into the camera. I think of the whole composition, the distance, the aperture and shutter speed that are suitable for the film ISO I chose. For this time, I chose the Kodak Portra 400 black and white, so the ISO was 400.

The focus of the M3 is in a rectangle box. So, I took a long time to find the focus. Thanks Adam, he taught me to use zone focusing later so it’s much easier to find the focus after I used zone focus. I found this Youtube video that explains zone focus very well.

Walking around Sheung Wan, I found a lot of things that are old but still exist, that leads to my next blog that I will talk about old things that still exist in Hong Kong.

Now, let’s take a look at the photos I took using film.

An old restaurant in Sheung Wan

A classic Rolls-Royce parked on the street in Sheung Wan

Dried seafood shop that Chinese can spend thousands of dollars easy

Incense burning in Man Mo Temple

Chinese doctor in Causeway Bay

Pawn shop in Causeway Bay

Wet. market in Causeway Bay

Shooting in film I think more before shooting than digital. I will continue to shoot in film, I think it's a good practice for techniques. Also, film photography captures images that are so different than digital. Especially nowaday, we can easily shoot anywhere anytime with phone or compact camera, I tend to think less. Film can make me create images with more in-depth thinking, thus creating better images.

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