• Annie Yuen

Old things that still exist in Hong Kong

Being born in the 80s in Hong Kong, immigrated to Canada in the 90s, and move back to Hong Kong in the 2000s, many things and places around have changed. To recall the childhood memories, I went back to find old things that still exist in hong kong.

I have I enjoyed shooting this so much because it brought a lot of my old memory back. I also make it like a family day for me to walk to the streets and places that I used to go.

I went to mainly Sheung Wan for this shoot. Sheung Wan still remained a lot of old things in the area. Man Mo Temple was built in 1847 during the Qing Dynasty by wealthy Chinese merchants. I visited Man Mo Temple at least once a year when I was young. My parents believe in Buddhism, so during Chinese New Year, we visited the temple, burned incenses and bowed to the gods in the temple. Every time when I entered the temple, my dad will ask me to bow and go hit the drum next to one of the buddha and hit the bell as hard as I could - it’s definitely my favourite part.

Hitting the drum in Man Mo Temple
Hitting the drum in Man Mo Temple

I also remembered that my dad always asked me to touch the mental pen to wish me doing well in school when I was young. So, this time when I went, I did the same to get back some of the old memories.

When it comes to old things in my mind, I thought of washout photos. So, when I took pictures for my book of Old Things that still exist, I desaurated my pictures a little bit. I wanted to create a feel that the pictures are taken in old times but it’s actually taken in present.

Have a look at this original photo, It's a bit tilted upward and the shadows are a bit too dark.

So, I have made these changes. I changed the vertical perspective and cropped it. Then, I increased the exposure and contrast a bit.

I realized under Basic in Lightroom Develop, just a simple click at the grid under Black & White word opened some profile presets. With a single click, the preset had changed the color to the tone and mood I wanted. That became my base and then I added on additional adjustment I needed.

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