• Annie Yuen

How I Stand Out My Photos

Ever since social media became part of our life, we became more aware of places that are photogenic. Users can tag the places for their posts which will help boosting their instagram post exposure. Thus, more and more people will tag the place for their posts. And because of that reason, photogenic places are discovered. And for some places, you need to line-up to take your hero shot.

When I searched for a popular place, I am surprised to see that more than 90% of the photos are the same except the subject is changed.

So I was thinking how I can make my photos different and stand out. My plan was to use light and post-production retouching to make my photos different. The place I chose this time as my Instagram place is Montane Mansion. I have visited the place few times. Every time I went, I tried to look for things that are different. The weather this week was a bit fluctuated. When I wanted to go when it rained, it did not rain. When I wanted to go when it's not raining, it rained.

So, I just go when I had time. It turns out that I had some great shots because of the rain. I had photos that I can do reflection on the water puddle.

In this shot, I have set a red and yellow gel on my two flashes and thanks to the rain drop on my lens, it made my photo unique and stand out.

I always like the movie Inception. Since Hong Kong is always surrounded by tall buildings, I want to use the concept to one of my photos. For this photos, I mirrored my photo to make it surreal and graphical.

It's fun to visit a place that I always see on Instagram, I will continue this exercise as it stretches my creativity than just take another photo that same as other people.